TURBA is an interdisciplinary research collective that explores the relations among society, nature, and technology. Research in TURBA lies at the intersection of social science, environmental science, humanities, architecture and planning. We are located at the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya.

We explore the geographies of digital capitalism and grassroots alternatives, focusing on three research areas:

  • Urbanization: What are the new technologically mediated urban models? What is the relation between top‐down models (e.g. the “smart city”) with bottom‐up initiatives (e.g. commons-based peer production)?
  • Political ecology: How environmental governance and social‐ecological resilience are reconfigured against the backdrop of technological and social change? What are the drivers, the impact, the barriers as well as the winners and losers of socio‐environmental transformation led by state, market and civil society entities?
  • Grassroots collaboration: What are the new processes of collaborative knowledge creation in digital as well as in non‐digital environments? What is their relation with urban transformation?

Our aim is not only to understand the world but also transform it and achieve social justice.

For more info: https://www.uoc.edu/portal/en/in3/recerca/grups/urban_transformation_and

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